KISS: Keep It Short and Simple

A reference book for school children, teachers and parents that shows the Easy Steps for Better Writing.


If you can read, You can write

KISS is a small book with a big promise: If you can read, you can write. KISS offers a simple approach to reducing your anxiety around writing by showing how to organize, write, and present papers effectively.

Learn How to:

  • read for content and context
  • organize what you know
  • organize, write and present papers effectively
  • make your writing project easy to read and presentable
  • build sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into a paper
  • write a letter, term paper, essay, memoir, fiction/non-fiction, resumes
  • format a book report

KISS also includes a glossary of writing terms and examples of outlines you’ll use again and again.

What People are saying about KISS

“KISS breaks it down simply for the mid-school writer or the “very overwhelmed by the whole process” high schooler. It’s a quick read with easy to understand charts.”

M. Ficken

“I’ve taught for thirty years; Ms. Ream’s book is exactly what aspiring writers need to write, edit, and revise effectively and well. KISS will help writers acquire skills and incorporate rules.”

Dr. Mark