Forcing the Hand of God

Forcing The Hand of God evokes a time (World War II) when men and women found the courage to do the necessary, the objectionable, and even the unthinkable to defend their lives. It’s what they did and what they continue to do to preserve the essential fabric of this country.

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Forcing the Hand of God

A World War II Pilot wagers love, family and honor.

It is the late ’30s and Fighter Pilot Major Rodger Brown of the Flying Tigers is deep in the thick of World War II. Back home, his pregnant wife, long time friend, parents, and younger sisters anxiously await his return. Torn between his obligations to his country and family, Rodger is a man tormented by the realization that he prefers battle in the air than the drudgery or everyday life on the ground.

It is a timeless story of self realization and the internal and external conflicts that are part of life for a military professional and the family and friends who love him/her.

Chapter 1

Resting his hand on the prop of the P40 Warhawk, Major J. Rodger Brown paused in his preflight and looked skyward. Haloed by early morning sunlight, Eastern grey-legged geese spread into formation, their haunting cries echoing in the blue skies over Kunming, China, the “City of Eternal Spring”. Another flock took wing and another, heading for the distant pass between Golden Horse and Green Rooster Hills that towered either shore of Lake Dianchi, where a rosy mist dissipated over the water. Masses of white-winged ducks blossomed into flight from the lake, clouding his view of the gate to the Kwan-yen Temple covered in lush vegetation. Thousands of bleached-white grave markers peeked through the camellia, magnolia, giant azalea and primrose blooms.

He sighed, thinking to himself how much like a once-beautiful aged woman this place was: beneath the make-up you could see the ravages of time and war.

And those damn snow-covered mountains on three sides made for some tricky air currents: he’d lost a good pilot and one plane downed in Lake Dianchi. Already the fishermen would be scavenging the plane, mainly for the rubber from the tires for shoes.

He studied the white, tufted cirrus clouds, reminded of his home town, Wilmington, Illinois. He tugged on a glove. He had left home without regrets. There is no one, nothing, more important to him now than winning at this small game of war. He and his few remaining Flying Tigers, knighted the “Aces Up”, mercenaries of the sky.

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What People are Saying

Couldn’t Put this Book Down!

Although having lived in the United States for over 40 years, I was born in England in August,1939, just prior to the commencement of World War II. My parents, now deceased, could have easily identified with Major Rodger Brown and his wife Adele; my father having served in the RAF at that time, stationed in Belgium.

I was amazed at the author’s knowledge of war time conditions and all things aeronautical and her ability to draw one into the lives of each of the individuals depicted.

A fantastic read!!

Judith M. Walters

A Master Story Teller

Within the pages of Forcing the Hand of God, you will enter as a silent visitor among the private lives of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary times. Where love and desire compete with duty and honor, you become a witness to the intense passion for life that only appears when death threatens. A master story teller, Jacquie Ream weaves her web of words that will entangle every emotion that drives our need to embrace love and to exude anger. At the end of this tale, you will emerge with a greater sense of appreciation for life’s gifts as well as its trials, while learning more about the heart and soul of the common man. And you may even learn a bit more about yourself.

William R. Stampe, CMSgt, USAF, Ret.

About the Author

Jacquie Ream

Jacquie Ream

Jacquie is the author of several books, including Bully Dogs, her series for middle-graders and young adults, and KISS: Keep it Short and Simple, a writing reference book for children and teachers.