“I should like my epitaph to read: she lived, she loved, she wrote.”

– Jacquie Ream

Jacquie Ream has written three children’s books, numerous short stories, an adult fiction novel, Forcing the Hand of God, as well as KISS, a simple reference book that teaches school age children how to write effectively. Jacquie’s upcoming releases include two adult fiction novels, a young adult novel, and a preschool children’s illustrated coloring book.

Jacquie Ream

Jacquie’s Books

Book cover of A Penny in Time

Frances Reed and her friends are growing up and learning to handle the bullies in their lives. A Penny in Time is the latest release in Jacquie’s Bully Dogs series for children in the middle grades. 

Book cover of Forcing the Hand of God

Forcing the Hand of God is a timeless story of self realization and the internal and external conflicts that are part of life for a military professional and the family and friends who love him/her.

Book cover of A Penny in Time

KISS: Keep it Short and Simple is an easy-to-use reference book for school children, teachers, and parents that shows the Easy Steps for Better Writing. 

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